Success cases

In Sodep we propose to create solutions through collaborative processes, meeting the real needs of users and customers

Year 2019 – Present Time | Sector: Financial

Testing & QA of their applications

Sodep supports Financiera Solar to carry out the tests and the quality control of their applications and systems. The tests are carried out seeking to systematize the processes and record the results with the required technical level in order to solve them.

Year 2018 – Present Time | Sector: NGO

Expert advice on technological decision-making for the web platform of "The Poverty Elimination Traffic Light"

Sodep accompanies the current technology team of “The Poverty Elimination Traffic Light” that is responsible for developing and maintaining the platform. The role played by Sodep is as a consultant for technological decision making.

Year 2018 – Present Time | Sector: Financial

Development of Banking Core modules

Banco Familiar has a new Banking Core, which is up to date with new technologies. Sodep works specifically in the development of certain modules. In partnership with other suppliers of the bank, a technology committee was formed, where contributions are also made for joint work and decision making.

Year 2018 – Present Time | Sector: Financial

Development of their 100% native mobile applications for Android and iOS

Banco Regional has redesigned their Mobile Banking applications. Sodep participates in this process, from the design of the user experience to the development of 100% native applications for Android and iOS.

The joint work with the key actors within the Bank, both in the IT area and in the Commercial area, of products and tester users, was fundamental to achieve the success of a product with international quality levels and interfaces aligned to the standards of the different platforms.

Year 2017 – Present Time | Sector: Retail – Imports

Web ERP with customization in the import module

Lincoln S.A. opted for the use of technology to carry out its daily operations as early as the 1990s. In 2017 they sought to acquire an existing system in the market, but did not find one that meets their needs.

As a first stage of the process, the detailed survey of each area and its main actors was carried out. Critical flows were defined and paradigm changes were raised from the visualization of the system to its architecture.

At the beginning of 2018, Sodep began the development of a new system and currently they already have certain modules developed and usable. Sodep also accompanies Lincoln in the process of building their development team, which will allow them to perform the maintenance and evolution of the system on their own.

Year 2017 – Present Time | Sector: Financial

Design and implementation of the ZIMPLE electronic wallet system

Development project of an Electronic Wallet for Bancard S.A. ZIMPLE, from a mobile phone or from the Web, allows transactions with electronic money, such as: shipments of money to other users through the mobile phone number, withdrawals at the ATMs of the Infonet network, purchases in shops attached to the Infonet network, payments of public and private services.The product is already in production and in process of integration with other banking entities.

SODEP carried out the conceptualization and development of the platform. It has a Web application and a Backend server. It also has integration of the JCard tool. JCard is an open source business software, based on the standard of messages originated in transactions cards of the International Standards Organization (ISO-8583).

Year 2019 | Sector: Financial

Workshop on Agile methodologies with Scrum

Coomecipar has an internal technology team that allows them to meet the needs of the organization. They planned to make a methodology change to build their systems to respond more quickly to business changes. They opted for the use of Agile Methodologies and Sodep to carry out the workshop on Agile with Scrum. Thirty people from the IT area with different functions, developers, analysts, testers, project leaders, etc. participated. We learned about scrum. Scrum is a working methodology for software development.

Year 2019 | Sector: Financial

Android Native application aimed at boosting purchases in the Rural sector

Banco Regional seeks to ease the management of supplies purchases for their clients in the rural sector. To meet their goal, they devised to launch an application. Sodep participated in this process, from the vision of usability to the development of the application, meeting the highest levels of quality and safety.

Year 2019 | Sector: Financial

Security Consulting and analysis of solution alternatives

Pronet hired Sodep’s services to analyze a solution that they were developing internally from the security point of view. We carry out an analysis and propose alternative solutions, always seeking to adapt to the technological context and good practices.

Year 2018 – 2019 | Sector: Financial

Multichannel notification server

Sodep prepared and adapted its own messaging system, which allows Banco Regional to centralize the message delivery to its customers through different channels from the same point.

Year 2018 | Sector: Retail – Imports

Consulting on current business needs and technology improvement points to achieve their objectives.

Sodep carried out a survey of the current technologies of Corporación Mercantil, attending to the needs of the business. As a result of analyzing the survey, a document was built and medium and long term solutions were proposed.

Year 2018 | Sector: Services

Analysis of the current situation and possible paths to take

The platform “Alguién Sabe”, was analyzing possible paths to take from the technological point of view. Sodep prepared a workshop where we helped explore those channels and provided a conversation space with people relevant to the “Alguién Sabe” process.

Year 2018 | Sector: Financial

Survey oriented to the development of modules of their Banking Core

Sodep conducted a detailed survey of the needs of Banco Familiar to register the challenges and work necessary for the development of new private modules.

Year 2018 | Sector: NGO

Web system for the management and communication of La Comilona's platform "El Fuego de Todos"

Teletón foundation launched: “El Fuego de Todos”, thus proposing to turn any meeting into a solidarity event. Sodep built the content management and production platform for the different events, thus facilitating the process of carrying out the events.

Year 2017 – 2018 | Sector: NGO

Web Platform for the implementation of "The Poverty Elimination Traffic Light"

Fundación Paraguaya built a methodology called “The Poverty Elimination Traffic Light”. The traffic light is a metric, and a methodology at the same time, which allows families to assess their poverty levels and then generate personalized strategies to overcome them.
We carry out workshops with the different actors and propose a new technological vision for the traffic light. The main objective is to build a platform that allows to expand the methodology to the whole world. For this challenge, cloud computing and the release of the project to the open source community were taken into account from day one.

The platform is currently running on AWS with access for customers from countries located in Europe, America and Africa.

Year 2014 – 2018 | Sector: Medical

100% native mobile application for Android to support people with Bipolarity Disorder

The SIMPLe Project is part of the Bipolar Disorders Program, one of the specialties of the hospitals in Barcelona: Hospital Clinic and l’Institut Hospital del Mar d’Investigacions Mèdiques (IMIM), recognized worldwide in the treatment and study of bipolar disorder. SIMPLe is an Android and IOS application that allows you to keep track of the mood of patients who suffer from bipolar disorder.The application was used for studies, even being published in PubMed.

The objective of SIMPLe is to provide the person living with Bipolar Disorder, friendly and simple tools to self-manage their disease in a complementary way to the usual treatment. Using Java programming in Android and Swift in IOS, MBAAS technologies and a design specially designed to convey peace of mind to the user.There was also a special Android version with data reading from wearables and passive analysis of physical activity and app categories by the user.

Year 2016 – 2017 | Sector: Financial

Web re-engineering of the terminal for collection pits

Sodep carried out, in 2015, an analysis of the different products of the company PRONET S.A. and proposed a re-engineering plan. During 2016 we accompanied this process of re-engineering of Pronet systems. During the project, Sodep and Pronet development teams were integrated for the conceptualization, analysis, design and implementation of EPOS2, as a short-term replacement of the then current “epos” and PosWeb products.

Year 2015 – 2017 | Sector: NGO

Rehabilitation Center Management System

Sodep developed version 2.0 of the Integral Therapeutic Care System (ITCS) of the Center for Integral Rehabilitation of Teletón (CIRT). ITCS consists of a software solution that allows you to easily and quickly manage the therapeutic process, and the complementary processes to it, that users receive from the CIRT.

Year 2010 – 2017 | Sector: Technology

Signage for smart buildings

Smart Signs is a Dutch company that specializes in smart signage. Among its products, the line known as “Indoor Wayfinding” stands out.
The solution guides the visitor to the right place through digital signals and/or smartphones, in a personalized and effective way. This solution dynamically adapts to the current situation of the building (eg an elevator out of service, a closed dependency) and the visitor’s capabilities (mobility, language).

SODEP made the design and implementation in Java of the entire backend. Standalone programs for Signs and also Web interfaces with a high degree of customization creating own components such as calendars or simulators.

Year 2010 – 2017 | Sector: Technology

Smart work spaces

“Smart Signs is a Dutch company that specializes in intelligent signage and optimization of flexible workspaces. The concept of flexible work is expanding more and more in the world, helping to reduce costs for companies, and at the same time improving the efficiency and experience of workers. SmartSigns offers the possibility of monitoring the occupation of shared spaces (whether these are meeting rooms or desks), and analyzing the use of spaces, which then allows companies to take measures to optimize their resources.

The solution works by means of discrete radio sensors installed in the facility, which measure the occupation of the spaces and send information to the system. This information is then processed and exposed through reports for the Facility Managers.
Sodep made the design and implementation of the sensor interfaces, from the communication of the devices to their processing and subsequent visualization in web panels.”

Year 2015 | Sector: Financial

Architecture for Online Service Billing Companies

The Bancard company allows through its “Infonet Collections” system to make payments and inquiries for services such as Ande, Tigo, etc. To do this, their collection engine communicates with these services, known as “billers”, through a Web Service, for which the billers must implement the Bancard REST API, in order to carry out this communication to make inquiries and Payments. With the help of SODEP, they designed and implemented an architecture that will allow Bancard, on one hand the simple integration of new services for consultation and payments, and on the other hand, the decoupling of the processing of said queries from their collection engine, thus relieving its load.

Year 2014 – 2015 | Sector: NGO

Digital Communication Platform - Teletón Marathon. Web and Mobile

Within a project that sought to provide strategies to position the cause of the foundation in the “other screens”, we have developed software that allows you to build a digital story. The voice of the people is incorporated through connectors to the different social networks and this is contextualized with the Television program to support the same axis of communication (TV vs. social networks). This software is a SPA written with Backbone. The application is downloaded only once to the cellphone and data updates are sent through a Websocket. A well-defined REST interface allowed an Android application to be written in a short time. Users can follow the story built through Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube mashups, the collection goal, and various news related to the event.

Year 2023 | Sector: TEST

Digital Communication Platform - Teletón Marathon. Web and Mobile