IT specialists for the Information System of Public Procurement (SICP). Sodep is currently collaborating in the SICP project from the National Direction of Public Procurement (DNCP) since May 2014. The SICP is one of the most advanced systems public procurement systems worldwide that allows the following the Paraguayan State's purchases from its annual plan, going through the bidding process, award, protests and everything that involves transparency in purchases of government entities. In the same are involved Computer Engineer Consultants specialized in Government Procurement and experts in Java EE, Play Framework and design and analysis of high complex Web Apps.

The DNCP is a model institution of Paraguayan State, working in an Integrated Management System based on the ISO 9001 Quality Standard: 2008 and the ISO 14001 Environmental Management: 2004. It has one of the best Department of Information Technology of the country, both in infrastructure and development and IT professionals. With great honor Sodep S.A provides specialists that are collaborating with the 2nd re-engineering of the SICP.