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Trabajo Mobile

Captura is an application that allows you to design forms in an easy and faster way to get data through mobile phones. You can get rid of paper forms and this opens whole new possibilities to visualize, improve your data collection processes and ease subsequent analysis. Among its main benefits we can mention the fact that you do not use paper, you get instant data availability, it allows a better quality of information and replaces the spreadsheets analysis.

Teleton Foundation

Trabajo Web

For the Teleton Foundation we developed an application that allows to present a digital story. People's voice is incorporated by connectors to every social network in which the foundation is present and this is contextualized with a TV marathon to support the same communication axis (TV vs. Social Networks). This is an SPA software written with Backbone. The mobile app is downloaded only once in a smartphone and the updates are sent by a Websocket. A well defined REST interface allowed an Android App to be written in very short time. Users can follow a story through Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube mash-ups, the fundraising goal and several news related to this event.

Data Scan

Trabajo Web

Data Systems represents industrial scanners in Paraguay and part of their job is to help companies digitalize their printed documents, in order to speed up subsequent access to them. Without a software that manages a large volume of documents, the problem would go from the physical world to the digital world. This is how the DataScan was borned, as a way to digitalize and categorize the information on documents, forms, etc. Sodep made the analysis of the application and defined the architecture so the access to information is virtually instantaneous. Quick access to documents is provided through a backend written in Java with Spring framework and using Lucene as the indexing engine. This is complemented with a complete Web interface that allows to visualize documents as images.

Bancard - Billers

Trabajo Web

Bancard Billers allows to make payments and services requests, through their “Infonet Collections” system. For that, their collections engine communicates with those services, known as billers, through a Web Service. Billers must implement Bancard's REST API so communication for consultations and payments can be carried out. Sodep designed and implemented an architecture that allows Bancard, on one hand, the easy integration of new services for consultations and payments, and on the other hand, the deployment of the process of such consultations from their collections engine, lightening its load.

Banco Familiar

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Banco Familiar has been our customer since November 2014. Part of our crew is currently working under the “Team-Up” format, making a constant review and development of the banking core business. Sodep also developed a Web App with Spring 4 and Ingres database that provides a REST API that allows to receive transactions made with credit cards through the Bancard operator, and notify these via SMS if the customer desires. It integrates with the Web App of Banco Familiar and its core services.


Trabajo Web

We maintain two key projects for the SENATICs, the “Standard Framework for Electronic Government” and the “Information Exchange System”, with technology produced in our country and Free Software licenses, accessible to all sectors.

The Information Exchange System acts as a channel between institutions and organizations to share administrative information. This system allows public servers in charge of civil affairs management to verify necessary information online, through the exchange of electronic information between institutions. The projects include Java EE 6 technologies, XCAML security standards and Web Services based on SOAP and WS-Security.


Trabajo Web

Sodep conducted a consultancy for the development and implementation of Open Data on 2014, under the Democracy and Governability Program, 2nd Component: “Accountability and anti-corruption efforts strengthened in main public institutions”. This allowed the creation of the first Open Data portals for Government institutions: National Direction of Public Procurement and Ministry of Education and Culture. We used Python language, Open Data technologies and standards such as: microdata, RDFA and CKAN, the leading open-source data portals platform, and in this way, helping to develop the portals and REST API to consult them.


Trabajo Mobile

Sodep does outsourcing works for Hospital Clinic in Barcelona, Spain. SIMPLe project is part of the Bipolar Disorders Program, one of the specialties of the hospital, recognized worldwide in the treatment and study of Bipolar Disorders. SIMPLe is an Android App that allows to register the mood of patients with bipolar disorders. This App is being used by the patients of the Hospital and providing very important information for clinical studies. SIMPLe's target is to provide the person with Bipolar Disorder, a friendly and simple tool to auto-manage its disorder to complement their treatment. Using Android programming, technologies from MBAAS and a design thought specially to transmit calm to users, SIMPLe keeps evolving and it's planned for an iOS costumer too.

Smart Guidance

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Smart Signs is a dutch company that specializes in intelligent wayfinding. “Indoor Wayfinding” is one of their products. The solution guides the visitor to the right place by digital signs and/or smartphones, in a personalized and effective way. This solution adapts dynamically to the current situation of the building (i.e an elevator out of service, a closed dependency) and the visitor capabilities (mobility, language). Sodep made the design and implementation in Java of the whole backend. Standalone programs for the Signs and Web interfaces with high range of customization creating its own components such as calendars or simulators.

Smart Workplaces

Trabajo Web

Smart Signs is a dutch company that specializes in intelligent wayfinding and flexible work spaces optimization. The flexible working concept is increasingly expanding in the world, helping to reduce costs for companies, and at the same time improve efficiency and experience of workers. SmartSigns provides the ability to monitor the occupation of shared spaces (whether they are meeting rooms or desks), and analyze the usage of spaces, which subsequently allows companies to take steps to optimize their resources.



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Sodep is currently collaborating in the SICP project from the National Direction of Public Procurement (DNCP) since May 2014. The SICP is one of the most advanced systems public procurement systems worldwide that allows the following the Paraguayan State's purchases from its annual plan, going through the bidding process, award, protests and everything that involves transparency in purchases of government entities. In the same are involved Computer Engineer Consultants specialized in Government Procurement and experts in Java EE, Play Framework and design and analysis of high complex Web Apps.

Skills and Tools

We're a company formed by professionals in the field of ICTs with a broad experience in different programming languages and the capability to adapt to the tools that fit best to solve a problem.
These are the tools we mostly use on daily bases...

We've done several JEE server and standalone Java applications. Our consultants have a large portfolio in this area.

We use the latest JavaScript frameworks to provide next-generation Web user interface that are attractive to the end user.

We develop native applications for Android and iOS platforms, with interfaces that provide a satisfactory experience for users.

We have successful experiences using cloud hosting. We provide you with the ability to install the software on servers in the cloud so that they are accessible to everyone and you can scale them on demand.

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